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I'm Alive, I Promise

For anyone who's been wondering what the heck happened to my book and where I've been since February, fear not! I'm alive and well. My book is open on my desktop, happy and free, if not slightly traumatized by the the hacking and stitching its endured as of late. Yes, that's right. I'm still working on it. Spring came and went, and now with less than two months left of summer, Intertwined will likely be released mid-December. 
I would have been done sooner, but ... I sort of jinxed myself. 
How you might ask?
Well, it's complicated. And very difficult for me to share with the world. But I'm going to try. Two years ago, my father suffered a severe stroke. It was horrible and traumatizing and we never saw it coming. He survived, but not as the same man that he was. He lost his speech, his ability to walk, and use of his right hand all within the blink of an eye. Slowly, he regained some of it through therapy, but still, even now, he has trouble speaking, walks w…

Self Published Author | Why Professional Editing is the Best Investment

If you're thinking about self publishing your work, I can say from personal experience that professional editing is an absolute must. My manuscript was recently edited, and I'm in shock at the amount of work still needed to maximize it's potential. Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. It was the best investment I ever made--in both the story and in myself as a writer. But let me tell you--its amazing how blind you (the writer) can be to everything wrong with your story. 
Does this sound familiar to you?

You write a first draft.

You write a second draft.

You write a third draft.

It goes through Beta Reading.

You incorporate suggestions/feedback.

You self-edit your work to the best of your ability.

You think, "Finally! I'm done! Now I just need a professional editor and I can publish my work."

Your work is professionally edited. 

And guess what?

It needs more work. A. Lot. More.

If you're new to the indie scene, this probably struck a chord for you. If you&…