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Check it out! Last week on the Wandering But Not Lost Podcast, I sat down with one of my favorite people, Matt Emerson, and chatted about my day to day life as an author, what inspires me and how quitting my day job to become a full time author changed my life in ways I never thought possible. 

We also talk about my travels and what inspired the setting for my Intertwined series. Listen to the full interview above! And for all you fellow travelers out there, check out Matt's travel tips and insights at

Intertwined Series: Raveled Coming Soon!

I know it's been sooooo long since my last post, but I have great news! I'm currently editing the very long, very massive first draft of Raveled, book 3 (and final installment) in the Intertwined Series, and will soon release the blurb and cover reveal! Yay! 

I had such a blast writing this story! Like every time I embark upon a new adventure with my characters, it's exciting and new and challenging and leaden with so much emotion at times, I overwhelm myself to the point that I can't finish the darn thing! This one especially hit me hard. I've never had to wrap up a series before. It was brutal! I still have many edits ahead, and possible revisions depending on what my editor comes back with, but we're on schedule for a fall release date and I can't wait to share the first chapter once I have it hammered out.

Stay tuned for updates and announcements, coming later this month! For now, back to editing!

Tethered Blog Tour!

Exciting update! Tethered, Book 2 in the Intertwined Series, is taking its Blog Tour October 2-6, hosted by YA Bound Book Tours. Five days of promo posts, chapter teasers, giveaways and reviews! Be sure to participate for a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card! 
See full tour schedule below.

Blog Tour Schedule
                                                                     October 2nd                                                                             3 Partners in Shopping, Nana, Mommy,&,Sissy, Too!  Promo Post Smada's Book Smack     Http://     Review The Cover Contessa    Promo Post Mythical Books    Promo Post Loves Great Reads    Promo Post Booked     Review YA & NA Bookshelf    Review
October 3rd The Reading Life���…

Intertwined Series: Book 3 Title Reveal!

I'm so excited to announce the title of Book 3 in the Intertwined Series, the final installment in my Young Adult Paranormal Romance trilogy.

I absolutely LOVE this title! 
Why you might ask?
Because the word Raveled means to both tangle and untangle. Which is the perfect description for book 3.

Ravel is an interesting verb, in that it can mean both "tangle" and "untangle." So if you work to ravel yarn into a neat ball, your cat may come along and try to ravel it again. How can a word mean both one thing and its opposite? In the case of ravel, the answer is sewing: As threads come unwoven from a cloth, they become tangled on each other. Since untangling is never far from tangling, ravel covers both meanings.

I can't wait to see this title on the book cover! And I can't wait to share it with you! Raveled is slated for release fall of 2018, hopefully sooner. As this is the final installment in the series, there are man…


I'm so thrilled and excited to announce that Tethered is officially live on the following retail sites! It's been quite the journey getting here. Thank you for all your support! I hope you enjoy Elizabeth and Adam's story!

Click the image below to enter the Giveaway for a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

Purchase Tethered now!

Series: Intertwined (Book 2) Genre: YA Paranormal Romance Release Date: July 16, 2017
Elizabeth and Adam survived the century old curse that nearly claimed the lives of their counterparts, Josephine and Braden, but at what cost? 
As the veil between timelines continues to diminish, they yet again find themselves in a race against time to cheat death in the past in order to salvage their futures. But with the curse given form, everything is changing, leaving them vulnerable to new threats. No longer are the dangers of their former lifetime contained to the Jefferson Plantation—a land fraught with peril and where horror reigns every summer betwe…

TETHERED: Chapter One Teaser!


A six-inch blade gleamed in the trick of light, the hilt carved in the shape of two snakes wrapped around each other so that their heads formed an S on either side of the serrated steel. A deadly weapon for more reasons than one.
First—this blade wasn’t just any blade. This was the very dagger Josephine had plunged into her chest back in 1905. The very blade that had ripped her delicate flesh apart and taken the life that Braden—I—hadn’t been able to save. The very dagger Josephine had wielded in order to seal the curse that would resurrect us. Save us.
Save me.
Second—this blade was no longer where it should be. It wasn’t in the depths of an underground tunnel like it had been this morning. It was no longer lodged inside Josephine’s chest like it had been for the past century. The dagger was free—to be wielded, to be taken, to be used against her, but worst of all, to destroy her. Josephine would never forgive herself. She was giving the dagger too much power. Power to stri…

Update: TETHERED Release Date!

Exciting news! Rewrites for Tethered are officially complete! In order to deliver the best story possible, I had to delay the release by a couple weeks (July 16, 2017), but I promise, it's worth the wait! The story is so much stronger for it. I can't wait for you to read it!

The release blitz has been scheduled for July 10th, at which time you can enter the giveaway for a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card. I'm also running a limited time promotion: both books in the series are now $2.99 ($3.99 after release) Don't miss out! Pre-Order links below. The link for Amazon will be available within the next couple weeks. 

Stay tuned for teasers, giveaway announcements and other news! 

Watch this space :)

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