Intertwined Series: Raveled Coming Soon!

I know it's been sooooo long since my last post, but I have great news! I'm currently editing the very long, very massive first draft of Raveled, book 3 (and final installment) in the Intertwined Series, and will soon release the blurb and cover reveal! Yay! 

I had such a blast writing this story! Like every time I embark upon a new adventure with my characters, it's exciting and new and challenging and leaden with so much emotion at times, I overwhelm myself to the point that I can't finish the darn thing! This one especially hit me hard. I've never had to wrap up a series before. It was brutal! I still have many edits ahead, and possible revisions depending on what my editor comes back with, but we're on schedule for a fall release date and I can't wait to share the first chapter once I have it hammered out.

Stay tuned for updates and announcements, coming later this month! For now, back to editing!


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