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INTERTWINED is available for PRE-ORDER!

Finally, after years and years and years of saying INTERTWINED is almost done, just another round of revisions, editing, and proofreading, I am absolutely thrilled to announce that it is officially available for PRE-ORDER on select retailer sites! Release date is July 3, 2016!
It's been a loooong journey, but like I always knew I would be, I'm so happy I waited until now to release it; if I hadn't, I'd be releasing a very different story! Though I started pursuing writing (somewhat) full time over two years ago, it wasn't until last August that I hit the ground running with the rewrite. And boom! 160K words later (no joke), I had a completed manuscript in December 2015. I was so happy! Because I proved to myself that I was capable of completing such a long story that quickly. That isn't to say it was totally done. Not even close. Once I was finished, the story went through another round of beta reading, editing, followed by another rewrite. The last rewrite, how…